About Us

Working Hand in Paw to help improve the health and energy of dogs everywhere.

We are a family of animal lovers and for over 40 years we have been dedicated to dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.   We have rescued, purchased, bred, trained & competed with all types of dogs but our breed of choice has always been Saint Bernards. We have adopted countless cats over the years and many more have adopted us.


Our goal is to not just protect and love our dogs, but to add years to their lives and not just Dog Years but QUALITY YEARS. 

Dogs and cat eating food
The Owner

Why We Feed Raw

The Hubbards got started feeding their cats raw when, while visiting a friend, they noticed how excited their dog was for dinner time. Having been curious about raw feeding, but not knowing much about it, they assumed it would be too expensive. Once they found out how affordable it was, they decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back since. Upon moving to Knoxville, however, The Hubbards were dismayed to find no one offering pre-made raw food such as their cats had grown to love and thrive on. So they called up Jennifer Hanger to speak with her about their dilemma and Chew Dat Foods Knoxville was born!

Less stinky poops, great energy, and healthy teeth and fur are just some of the benefits of raw feeding.

Jolie said: “Since I started eating raw, I don’t have any vet sick visits and I easily maintain my feline figure!”